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SLCMS Initialization Wizard
The SLCMS Initial Installation Wizard
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System Check

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Check Result

This paragraph should have disappeared within two seconds.

If you are still seeing this text after 2 seconds then the javascript on this page did not run, either because you have javascript turned off or the path to the javascript files was not correct.

If you have javascript turned off then you will need to turn it on to be able to manage this SLCMS website. If you are concerned about security then be reassured. SLCMS uses the well-known and documented "jQuery" javascript libraries and serves them from right here as part of this installation, not via a remote, possibly untrusted, service.

If you have javascript turned on then possibly the path to the javascript libraries was not correct. This Initial Installation Wizard assumes that you are serving SLCMS from the website's root directory, ie the path to the jQuery javascript is "/Global/3rdPartyFrameworksandLibs/jQuery/jquery.min.js" and this Wizard's helper javascript files are in: "/Global/Help/". If this is not the case then you will have to manually change the code initialization variables to point to the correct directories. See the SLCMS documentation for more detail.

Similarly if this page is not styled (it should have a pale blue background with this section's background being amber coloured) then the style sheet has not been found. It can be found here: "/Global/installAssist/InitialInstallationWizard.css".

All the initial system checks were OK.

If you are seeing this page then you are seeing the Initial Installation Wizard because when SLCMS started it could not find the database attached to this website or it thinks the database is empty.

We will use this Wizard to work out what is happening and guide you through the installation process or whatever else needs to be done. You will be able to back-pedal and change your mind and we will try to help as much as possible.

As we don't know at this stage whether there is a working installation of the site's code we cannot use the site's nice friendly validation routines to check your entries as you make them, but we will perform some simple validation as you step through the first, detail entry stage in the Wizard and validate everything fully at the review stage so you can go back and fix things.


First we will ask the obvious question:

Is this the first time you have run SLCMS, ie the initial installation of this website?